Story always fascinates me.
I read 3 books in a week when I was in high school, from fiction to non-fiction, from dystopian to historical romance, from classics to comic books. Still reading regularly with almost out-of-space bookshelves. Now I'd like to share my stories from my overthinking mind and random world.


Hi! I'm Brigida Alexandra (for short, Bree). A former journalist and teacher, now working as a PR/Communications consultant in a PR firm with almost 10 years of experience in the industry by day and also a published fiction author. Every day I juggle between office life with my studies and my call to keep writing - being distinguished on my own terms.

While off-duty, I'm also an adult ballet student, a translator, and a freelance hand model. I'm also currently pursuing a business course, foreign language diplomas and Counter-Terrorism course.

In my early days, I was also an NGO volunteer, and a human-rights activist. 
Now, I'm chasing my dreams and enjoying home-cooking, improving photography skill, playing PUBG/CoDM mobile game, being an aspiring ballerina, and an equestrian, in my allocated free time.
I speak 5 languages in total.

My interests are ranging from crime psychology, gender issues, counter-terrorism studies, socio-entrepreneurship, to philosophy.

As a multitasker, feminist, and pop-culture enthusiasts, my chill mode involves Netflix, messy playlists, a series of podcasts, including snuggle with my stuffed animals. I believe in work-out, whether it's aerial yoga, pilates, barrĂ©, to keep my life in balance. I'm also a KonMari practitioner. 


It takes a genius not to get me wrong. I'm made of sugar, salt, chili powder, chocolate, pastel-hued cotton candy and Chemical X, now trying to have interesting life as a stranger as a Post-Apocalypse Lois Lane by choosing to live life limitless, even without a superpower.

My gear: 
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Canon DSLR 1000D