I'm made of sugar, salt, chili powder, chocolate, pastel-hued cotton candy and Chemical X, now trying to have interesting life as a stranger as a Post-Apocalypse Lois Lane by choosing to live life limitless without a superpower knight. Yes, it's a choice!

Being an introvert makes me more comfortable with writing everything down. I have a messy, random and talkative mind to battle with, and I need to set those badgering thoughts inside me free. So this is what the blog is gonna be all about: my personal thoughts, other projects and random things.

My life has been randomized from years of journalism, activism, switching to be PRgirl, becoming a published writer ('Reuni' is my first novel), and many unexpected surprising adventures along the way and keep counting.

I'm a bookworm, movie junkie, adventurous city girl, gamer girl, instant photographer, happy home cook, bookstagrammer, dog lover, and aspiring 'playboy bunny'---long story short: a total random multitasker.

Aiming to live life limitless, I'm turning myself into an obscura to absorb new things from foreign languages, history, art, movies, tech, media issues, cooking, baking, gaming, politics, startup business, conspiracy theory, counter-terrorism studies to gender equality. So, I juggle from my day-to-day job, side projects, bunch of passions and student life with..... ADD in the picture, along with 80s, 90s, 2000s songs continuously played in the background. 

A hard-worker and idealistic yet still sleep with my stuffed animals. 


I'm an introvert but if you have substantial topics in mind, you're welcome to drop me a line at my email brigida(dot)alexandra(at)gmail(dot)com.

Or, you can send me DM through other channels on the right sidebar.