About Me

Hi! I'm Brigida Alexandra. A published author, former journalist, translator, hand model, aspiring ballerina and equestrian, currently also working as a brand person by day and student at night (and on weekends). 

Graduated from Communication Studies in Jakarta, I've learned 7 languages in total, and have short photography training in Houston, Texas. I started my Ballet training in Vaganova method in 2019 at The Ballet Academy and attended a few single virtual classes and workshops from Washington Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Ballet Manila, and New York City Ballet for additional practice.

In my early days, I was also a volunteer-based NGO and a human-rights activist. Therefore, it has shaped my interests from crime psychology, gender issues to philosophy. I am going to pursue another degree in Counter-Terrorism Studies soon.

In the meantime, I'm writing another book while keeping lots of interest in my routine along with my unexpected schedule. 

As a multitasker, feminist, and pop-culture enthusiast, my chill mode involves Netflix (or any other similar options), messy playlists, a series of podcasts, toys, and snuggle to my stuffed animals. I also believe in life balance through reading, photography, work-out (aerial yoga, pilates), embroidery, making cooking videos, and keep learning something new. I'm also a KonMari practitioner. 

My motto is LiveLifeLimitless. As I believe we should always go for something new and progress in many aspects of life, living on our own terms, and never let others define us.

It takes a genius not to get me wrong. I'm made of sugar, salt, chili powder, chocolate, pastel-hued cotton candy, and Chemical X, now trying to have interesting life as a stranger as a Post-Apocalypse Lois Lane, even without a superpower.
Write to me hey.brigidaa(at)gmail.com