Capturing The Slow Life of Kyoto

August 13, 2022

I miss Japan! Really hard.

With all the things that make me miss the country so bad, I haven't been able to tell when I can go back to Japan. 

Anyway, recently, I kept having thoughts of ... having slow and stable life. Then, I was reminded of my travel to Kyoto a few years ago (before the pandemic). My first impression (or judgement) is that Kyoto and its people bring the slow-life vibe. 

I took a lot of pictures during my travel. Looking at them reminded me how calm and quiet the city was, despite its almost-always crowded shops by tourists and long queue in Arabica coffeeshop near the Katsura River---let alone another long queue due to quick photo opportunities in Fushimi Inari Taisha and Arashiyama sight-seeing. You would definitely sense the peaceful energy among the locals who seem to keep low-key lifestyle yet boldly living their true unique characters. 

And what else did I feel? Safe and stable. 

This couple, for instance, made me wondering how intimate and close-bond they develop with their families and friends as their circle of connections seems to be limited in some way.

I did only enjoy a small dot of Kyoto. But all I can think of was... do they have an eventful life? 

I remember my conversation with a friend some time ago. She knew many things about me through what I shared through instagram as I keep my Instagram stories like a memory tracker... a diary some would say in the past. She said, well, she thought I had an eventful life. Fun and crazy, enriched with experiences. She thought I was lucky.

That strikes me as I never feel that way.

Those kinds of images of safe and stable life of Kyoto are the ones I saw in the surface. Not only that the time felt like slow-moving there, but it also felt like everything is as expected as if you know the life itself that much. Nothing unexpected that it could shake your world and crush your spirit to live.

As adventurer as I always be, now I finally want to feel safe in certainty. I want that kind of Kyoto life now.

Harder things come along like a wave of adulting, each minute is a rollercoaster. And I am exhausted. Nothing comes as my expectation despite all of the efforts I have thrown, everything comes back in vain for me. This inner cry makes me want to take myself to Kyoto right away... embracing the serene loneliness.

But would my life turn into what I expect if I just move to another city, even if it's Kyoto?

I am sure the people of Kyoto have interesting stories to tell, simply wrapped around their mystery. Hopefully my Japanese improved before I visit again.

View my photos on Kyoto (taken in 2019) here on my Adobe Portfolio page.

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