Movies and Series That Help Us with Acceptance

July 15, 2022

Moving forward is always difficult, especially when you have huge baggage. I found that watching films or series that are able to touch you and bring you to tears are the ones helping me to take a step. So I'm recommending you some the latest films/series in the theme where we can start thinking about accepting the presence.

Russian Doll - Season 2 | Series | Netflix 

From subway station to another, from a train ride to another.

The second season brings Nadia, not only the ability to body-switch, but also to time-travel! The whole seven episodes focused on Nadia's struggles to fix her fate, by changing the past, and mending her mother's mistake she blamed heavily, so she could have a better chance.

The adventure takes us to Nadia's revelations that her effort is futile as she keeps going in a loop of the same mistake. The series also portrays a lot about generational trauma, with Nadia's mom asks her, "If you could choose your mother all over, would you choose me again?

I cracked on the last episodes where Nadia makes her chance to thank Ruthie. Surely, the series subtly tells us to make the best version of ourselves and be with people who truly love us.

"Turns out, I was wrong about time. ... See, I thought I could change things for us, you know? If I just went back far enough. And then, I couldn't change anything at all. "

The plot is confusing at first. Compared to the first season, the storyline was easier for me to digest yet intriguing ending. Somehow, strong witty lines and a twist of history gives this second part more flavour to taste. 

7 Lives of Léa | Series | Netflix 

The story starts with Léa who found a dead body, only skeletons, with a bracelet. After that incident, she gets the ability to body-switch and time travel. First, she travels back to the past where the mysterious dead man is still alive and becomes him. Later, on another date in the past, she becomes the other people related to that guy, who also happens to be the people she knows very well, including her parents.

However, this French series takes us to another angle, by giving us the picture if Léa saves the dead guy's life and revoking the hidden regret of her parents. 

We are fastly taken by the regret of Léa, as the reality she gets back to is another story she doesn't recognize anymore. The endings make us dead empty inside enough for us to accept our reality. 

Pachinko | Series | Apple TV+

Maybe this one has more tragedies and less magical since it doesn't offer super power to time travel. Yet, this one comes from a highly successful novel that offers a deep perspective of immigrants spans to 4 generations and how the political and societal dynamic affects them.

The first season starts with young Sunja who has to follow her husband and moves to Japan during the Japanese colonialization of Korea. We also follow her present aging-self, and her grandson who struggles to be a ... Japanese. 

In the first season, Sunja revisits her past by going back to her hometown and is faced with her mistakes years before. Yet her strength keeps her and her family moving forward without forgetting the hardship and twisted path that have brought her this far.

Pachinko has successfully portrayed the hardship, struggle, and dilemma of being an immigrant and the life years after for generations. The smell of home, the taste of mothers' home-cooked meals, the feel of familiar comfort that are gone and far impossible to come back to---something unthinkable for many.

Senior Year | Film | Netflix

Reminds me of Korean series where a highschooler got an accident then wakes up a few years later after a long period of coma, only to live up the life she has lost so much.

But well, this one is played by Rebel Wilson. Funny and entertaining as always. The 17-year-old Steph has to move on with her childish attitude and accept that her 37-year-old body and the people around her have moved on with their lives. There, the lesson learned: true friends don't leave.

By keeping going with her own life with the rest she has, Steph understands that the life she used to want isn't the best for her and that the accident actually gives her a chance to have better things ahead. She goes back to her high school in her older form to regain what she always wants. I love it when moving forward is also counted for moving back with everything you got. The bravery of taking whatever you dream of when things have already moved sideways.

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