When People Say, "Be Yourself"

November 29, 2020

 "Be yourself!"

At first, I'm kinda thankful when people say that to me. I know, they try to help me with my self-acceptance which I have been having problems with. But keep accepting the situation and not stepping forward won't take me anywhere.



So yes, now I kinda hate those words. Thanks, really. But, staying in my current condition and be in the same place I was yesterday, seriously? Nope!

I want to be able to walk, run, and stay relevant in the world that keeps changing, and I don't want to be more foreign in this agile world, left alone by the time.

People were like, "what else are you searching for?", "what else do you want at your age now?", or "can you be more grateful for what you have achieved now? So chill and enjoy!". They had no idea about seeing the bigger picture of life. It's not about the thirst, but it's about the unstoppable curiosity and effort to keep producing and contributing to whatever we love.

Instead of not being grateful, I AM grateful. VERY. So it keeps me strong, resilient, and motivated to #LiveLifeLimitless by searching and learning more despite the boundaries and challenges on my way forward each day.

Trying something new every day. Learn from it and remember the path that took you there, and you'll realize other things to be grateful for.

For those who are questioned why I'm taking more classes who might not relate to my current work, just so you know I'm learning deeper for the industry I'm in and also learning new things that inspire me sideways so my life and mind isn't stuck in one bubble. I do ballet, not as a hobby, but it's my life-found-passion where it changes more than you know and I can learn more from myself than you could ever imagine. There, I also found my self-acceptance.

People always told me, "Be a specialist, not a generalist". But I always believe if you can be more than one thing. Why not? It doesn't mean you can't be a specialist in more than one subject. You can.

Stop listening to people or known figures who give you lectures on how things work. There's never a minus for learning more and pushing yourself harder. It might take you further, realistic, and by your hard work, not only by luck.

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