BookHaul August 2020 + First Order from - Shipped to Indonesia

August 06, 2020

Since the quarantine due to Covid19, I have many travel plans altered. One of them is to revisit Singapore some time this year. If you read my previous post on my visit to Books Actually (if you haven't, click here) you know I'd like to go there again to shop more. But for now, has the solution for all of us, Jakartans.

Yes, basically the online bookshop is managed by the same management of the offline bookshop. Meanwhile, the bookshop is closed temporarily during this quarantine, but this shouldn't stop us from getting new reads. 

I've been intrigued for months to buy some online. However, I don't trust the mailing system here (Read: in Indonesian - Pengalaman Belanja di BookDepository) so I had a full doubt that my orders would be okay and arrived in time. But then, my friend, Mba Astrid, was DMed by BooksActually, saying that they can ship to Indonesia. So I DMed back the owner myself, asking for details, like how they'd ship the books and all.

Turned out, they would be using J&T Express. They gave your barcode to track the progress as well. Yes, it's more safer, reliable and flat fee service for SGD 25! If your order is SGD 200 and more, free shipping. So my friend and I piled up our wishlists and ordered. A week later, they arrived!

This might be one of the highlights of my life in 2020. 

Before this, I thought, can I ask BooksActually to keep my orders, I pay first and they keep it until I can travel back to SG? Would it be okay or would it be much trouble for them?

But, BooksActually already got it covered!

I've been struggling to write again. Some trauma that left me full of self-doubt kept me from writing again, while the ideas are already dancing in my head. These titles I found from BooksActually are just amazing! I hardly found it anywhere. Well, you know it when you buy from the best bookshop! They give you this mysterious creative inspiring energy.

When I found these titles, I felt like... ok, I'm sooo gonna write again. This writer's block should leave me by the time these books arrive. Yeah, sometimes we need that kind of booster.

Anyway these book covers are exemplary, too. From this order, I have my first Alain de Botton. 

The complete list is... Mauve by Simon Garfield, Death Sentences, Alain de Botton's The Consolations of Philosophy and It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis.

What makes me wanna write this post is that they really did extra! They wrap the books with Black Cat paperwrap, super neat, and all those decorations with washi tapes, stickers, everything. Along with those cute book-related goodies. How can't I be thrilled when I received it? 

I got it in the morning and I just put it there in the desk, until late at night where my day is about to end. Well, save the best for last. A part of me didn't want to ruin the wrapped package, coz it was too beautiful. So I decided to give it some time =) 

I closed my day with unboxing the package with a happy heart. 

Funny story is that the tracker from J&T Express is kinda... broken. I kept refreshing the link and it showed that they haven't picked up! It lasted for days like that. After a week, suddenly the link couldn't be accessed. The next day, it arrived! 

Definitely, bookshopping from is recommended. Before we all can go back to Singapore and shop directly, go shop online. Keep supporting local indie bookshops =)

Check my YouTube video where I showed detail of the package and unboxing them with a little challenge, to unbox the wrapper without hurting the kitties coz I'd like to keep them =)

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