[Recipe] Shrimp Croquette

July 12, 2020

I was craving something savory yet light, that I can store in the fridge for some time and just fry it quickly whenever I'm hungry. So croquettes then! This isn't an original recipe, of course. Croquette usually made from potato being mashed and formed into a ball-shaped dough, combined with beef mince, diced carrot, and chopped vermicelli---That's how I first tasted croquettes in my family culture.

But I didn't have all the ingredients needed and it was past midnight. So, I took whatever I could find in the fridge that could fill my tummy, please my tongue and lightness in every bite.

The ingredients are only:

100 - 150 shrimp
half an onion
butter to half cook the shrimp
Additional filling: corn kernel

300 ml mlik
3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp flour
salt and pepper

1 egg, beaten
panko breadcrumbs

Basically you just need to dice the onion first, half cook the shrimp before you dice them, and cook these two altogether. This is also the time to season them. You can play with spices, too, like sprinkle some paprika powder/cayenne pepper.

Then, make the roux, combine all the ingredients and freeze it for 2 hours, at least. After that, you can cut the frozen dough and shape into a ball.

Lastly, coat them with flour - egg - panko method - and fry!

The recipe can create around 8-10 croquettes.
Serve with mayo or any other sauce you like.

Hope you enjoy this. Remember to taste the dough first to ensure the saltiness you prefer.

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