[Recipe] Egg Soup... Really?

July 31, 2020

This is a family recipe. Some of my friends never heard of it, some others have (with a slight difference). But I've been growing up eating this dish, whenever we ran out of ideas of what to eat, whenever I'm feeling unwell, or when I'm too hungry to wait any longer. Let me introduce you to... Egg Soup! I'm sharing this recipe, as this is quick to do. It is also a warm comforting dish suitable when you're not feeling great, for example, if you're having a tummy ache, GERD comes back, etc. I made a video showing the original recipe, but actually, you could use a little creativity by adding other ingredients that go well with it. It could with corn kernels, sausages, spinach, milk, or chicken fillet.

Basically, you need only to stir fry an egg (or two if you're that hungry), season it, and put a bowl of water (around 250 - 300ml) and that's it.

I remember when I was in high school and I didn't know how to cook at all, I cooked this a lot! Then I started to learn and enjoy cooking by playing around with other ingredients possible to get with this dish. Then, I started to learn and experiment with other egg recipes at home. Just to survive every day when my mom was in the US at the time.

My mom cooks this often. I like it and she keeps cooking this one for me. However, I asked around some friends who might have family recipe similar like mine. Turns out... I have a few friends who know this kind of food, even though they cook it with coconut milk, corn kernels, and all.

I also learned from a friend who said that in China, they sell this kind of dish as the cheapest menu!

I'm not sure how this recipe comes from or any story behind it. But I like it and it's very versatile. You could play with the ingredients, spices, and you could serve it with rice or vermicelli or not at all.

Yum, isn't it?

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