My List: 6 Inspiring Moments from TV Show, Games and Movies

May 10, 2020

I'm republishing this old article of mine in English. Originally, this article was a content ordered by a career website for fresh graduates, but the website has been turned down since the company stopped operating a few years ago. So today, since I'm almost having another burnout, I'm extending my old-hidden positive spirit for you, hoping that you might be remembered (if you have seen these moments of pop-culture history below) and found back the push to keep walking, or if you haven't known them then you could probably be curious and inspired to kill your time with these gems below.

Many fictional characters can motivate you to live your life. However, no matter it's fiction and true story, sometimes it's only a fine line about them---whether you can relate your real life to the unreal or how strong the unreal can affect your reality. The silver lining is it can inspire you to be inspiring enough for someone else.

Ratatouille (my favorite!)
Ratatouille – Variety
Photo Source: Variety

Remy felt the wrong thing in his life was because he was born a rat. But, he did not stop exploring his passion for cooking. When he indeliberately arrived at his idol chef's restaurant, Chez Gusteau, things did not turn out that easy. Whenever a mouse is found in a restaurant, then it's the sign for its closure. For the reason, he must collaborate with a human being, which is against his father's wish as human was believed to be a dangerous enemy.

Despite everything, Remy believed in his human friend, Linguini, and insisted to his father that the change is in our hands too. "Change is nature, Dad. The part we can influence, it starts when we decide," Remy said.

A little note: When the film was released, Disney had difficulty finding a brand for tie-in collaboration with children's food-related merchandise. Why? The main character is a mouse. At that time there were no brands of cereals or snacks that wanted to be associated with pests even though the design was adorable. Even so, there are many lessons we can take from this Tiny Chef named Remy. 

Masters of Sex
Masters of Sex' Canceled by Showtime After Four Seasons – Deadline
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This TV show tells the true story of obstetrician William Master and his research assistant Virginia Johnson between the 1950s and 1970s. At that time, sex was considered taboo. But Dr. William Masters dared to take risks to examine what had only been questions in the people's minds which had never voiced.

Both of main leads must be juggling between their daily work and the research they did very carefully at night. For every obstacle they found (because it was considered immoral and embarrassing), they continue to look for solutions so that the research could continue to be carried out, completed, and provide solutions for many people. The facts about sexual health that we  know today most likely are stemmed from research conducted by Dr. Masters, you know!

The lessons we can take from Dr. Masters is as long as we have a basis for what we think is right, do not be afraid to go ahead. Secondly, don't be afraid to start what no one else has done, be pioneer! Third, do not give up because there are many challenges and difficulties that happen in the middle of the road because Chancellor Barton Scully also told Dr. Masters, "The world isn't kind to mavericks, Bill!"

The Dark Knight Rises
Listen: The Dark Knight Rises Ending Explained By Christian Bale
Photo Source:

Compared to other superheroes, Batman is a bit different. The term 'superhero' is compared to a super-powered hero, in fact, Batman does not have any superpower. Apparently, he was just an ordinary human being who was drowned in obsession and revenge against criminal plotters who killed his parents.

You can guess, these background tragedies encourage Bruce Wayne to train himself to become the 'superhero' Batman. In the film "The Dark Knight Rises", Batman still had the time to rethink the meaning of a hero with a simple but deep look. "A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know that the world hasn't ended yet."

Yes, now you know from Batman that you don't need superpowers to be able to do something big, let alone in helping others.

Beauty and the Beast
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Disney's princesses are identical and lack self-survival urge. In fact, these two aspects are very important to survive in the world.

But, there are things you can learn from... Belle. Yes, the bookworm one. Aside from her reading hobby that can add some insight to her brain, Belle always believes that "There must be more than this provincial life." I interpreted this as she doesn't care if women his age are more focused on finding a partner, because he believes there are more exciting things to look for out there.

And indeed, it's true! Try to gain more insight by traveling and meeting more kinds of people, then you can be the girl who won't be fooled by others' physical appearance. This happens a lot. Be smarter one. Always.

Castle: ABC Series Creator Sends Messages to the Cast - canceled + ...
Photo Source: TV Series Finale 

Money often becomes a drama for us. When we have less and when we have more. Richard Castle can be an inspiration for this.

Richard Castle was a wealthy, successful writer, but seeking new inspiration had sent him into the many dangers that had passed since he decided to join the team of Catherine Beckett at NYPD. The problem was that Castle didn't have enough police background to be capable of composing his new main character: a female police detective. So only armed with crime fiction references, he followed each case handled by Kate and his team to be re-inspired because he lost the inspiration after killing off the main characters from his previously published book.

In one episode, Castle handled the case of someone who was a murder victim who was a lottery winner. Among its complicated situation in solving the case, Castle said, "Money doesn't change you, money only magnifies your personality."

Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X Asian Culture Influence, More Insights in Dev Diary
Photo Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

For you fans of video games, Final Fantasy X would always remind us of Tidus. After the city of Zanarkand was destroyed, Tidus who was a blitzball superstar suddenly survived by himself in a foreign land. Nobody knew him. He must start everything from scratch and start a new adventure with Yuna, Lulu, Wakka and Rikku.
Just in case you got hit by bad days, a quote from Lulu can ease your burden for a moment. "No matter how dark the night, the morning always comes, and our journey becomes anew."

Whatever you go through today, there is always tomorrow. Maybe it doesn't mean that you could postpone what you can do now, but there will always be a new day for you to start a new spirit.

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