My Top 3 Paolo Coelho Books

August 11, 2020

It was one fine revelation where I read in an article about someone's favorite authors. I was 15, and I just found my new love of reading. I didn't know where to start. But life throws curveballs at you and you go where it takes you. I need guidance on what to read first, reading that article is just a fun way life plays to give you a hint. That hint remarkably changed my life. It took me to Paulo Coelho.

Some of my Coelho's collections

wasn't allowed to read much other than my school textbooks. But I managed to get some money myself by competing in many championships, win money prizes so I can shop books.

I got my first in local mass bookstore. Pick the only title that was available. All I could say, Paulo Coelho's works have been about making you keep dreaming and pursuing them. Some of his stories are also reshaping the way you see about things you've known for so long, and he just repositions them to you and you'll start thinking, have I really understood this right? 

The Alchemist
A story about a guy named Santiago (which is only mentioned once in the book, amazing!) who grows up to search for the meaning of life and world---a treasure. He meets unique and unexpected encounters that enrich and also takes away something from him along the way. Through all the turns, he finally finds the treasure as another life surprise that answers his question.

This book gives you this huge energy to believe in yourself and life. And also, the future.

Veronika Decides to Die
For those who see suicide as weird coz life is beautiful ... You'll learn from this woman, Veronika, why and once her suicide attempt fails, how she handles the situation when she is finally sentenced to death.

Many of her narratives put us into thinking of what life should be like, a life that is worth living. 

Due to her decision to commit suicide, people think she's crazy, which leads us to her side of story what crazy really is. This cracks open on how narrow people view mental illness and sanity. 

At the end, we understand how to view life once again after a second chance is given.

Eleven Minutes
Story of a girl growing up, from eating poisonous prince charming and happy ending story into a strong girl managing bitter reality of life. 

If you're coming from a small town, very conservative, but you have something else that is not common, life seems to take you another side of the magnet where it exposes the real you. It happens to Maria. Innocence confuses her once, broken heart misleads her to another adventure. 

She goes to big town and all of over the side of the world. Struggling to survive, she finds a way to become a prostitute through a beginner's luck. Then she goes on from ups and downs, until a love repairs everything back.

What's unique from this story? Maria narrates her story as she grows up with you.

Many of Coelho's recent works aren't as groundbreaking as these three, in my opinion. I enjoy The Spy, Aleph, Brida, and By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept. But nothing really resonates what we're having at this moment compared to this three. This takes controversy into witty debate in ourselves. That's how great these three titles are.

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