Hey, I'm Starting YouTube Channel!

February 04, 2020

Yes, you read the title right!

I've been uploading on YouTube since last year or last two years. It all started with all of my gaming diaries. No commentary or such things from me. All gaming videos, uploaded, as it.

Since a few weeks ago, I'm trying to consistently produce and upload my cooking videos.
I have received great enthusiasm since my #CookingSunday series on Instagram Stories - some of them are still in my highlights.

Now I'm remaking those recipes I have made into IGTV and YouTube versions. Wish me luck!

I'm planning to create two streams. One is #CookingSunday and another one is CookingAtNight.

#CookingSunday - my homage to my own revelation to solace in solitude on Sunday while cooking. It's where I found peace and my true calling where I love most about myself and my life---cooking my Sunday off with new recipes each week.

CookingAtNight - the videos will have no song, like my original CookingSunday on IGStory. I found peace with the silence in the middle of the night, with only kitchen noise to be heard. I want to share that in the videos of me cooking something quick and easy to save me from the day. This series is dedicated to recipes with some shortcuts, like using spice sold in supermarkets or shops, not from scratch, to create the whole dish.

Enjoy my first---committed---video! I know I have so much to improve on video making. Especially I'm editing into two formats. But please do check my other videos and see my progress =)

Your comments and inputs are welcomed!

Thank you!

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