MUST-VISIT in Ikeda, Osaka: Cup Noodle Museum

January 18, 2020

As someone who grew up as a noodle lover... and knows the real struggle in surviving only with a bowl of cup noodles and its magic, one needs to know about the history of cup noodles. Nissin's cup noodles to be exact! Located in Ikeda, Osaka... of course, in Japan. A small museum, yet full of noodles-related things to enjoy.

The Instant Ramen Time Tunnel

Definitely, it's fun for adults or children. Educational experience and playful journey.

They're located in a peaceful housing area in Ikeda. To get here, you can take Hankyu line and stop at Ikeda Station. 

You'll see this cut, a karaoke place, an ice-cream store and what it seems to be a long way to walk through.

But you're in the right way! Because.... 5 minutes later...


While getting to Cup Noodles Museum, you'll see lots of beautiful houses that I adore so much. The area also has a volunteer or area ambassador that acts as 'tour guide' that gives you a handout map on Ikeda. Super friendly vibe. From the map given, I also found that Ikeda has a zoo that has wombats and wallabies, interesting, right? And wombat is the mascot for this area.

For entering the Cup Noodles Museum, no entrance free. For the activities, they cost very little.
They have a souvenir shop near the entrance, a time-tunnel of cup noodles history, a cup noodle theater, an installation and two activities to try.

First one is the Chicken Ramen Factory. The fee is 300 yen for children - 500 yen for high schoolers to adult visitors. They only have 4 slots in a day and contain 48 participants per slot. You'd better make reservations first.

This is the activity for those who enjoy cooking or baking. They will teach you to make ramen from scratch and fry it to dry. Sadly, I didn't have the chance to try this.

Secondly, it's the Cup Noodle Factory for 300 yen and soon to be 400 yen as they're going to revise the fee in April 2020. If you like doodling, coloring or drawing, anything like that, this one for you! They will give you an empty cup noodle for you to play with, magic pens are provided at the table for you to use and you could only use those magic pens. The color options are primary colors mostly, which makes it more difficult for me as I don't like primary colors. and I can't draw well. LoL

After that, you'll need to queue for the rest of the steps to complete. Steps by steps, the staff will interactively guide you, starting from putting the dry noodle into the cup, choosing the flavor and toppings, putting the lid on, and cover it with plastic wrap. Your cup will look like the Nissin cup noodle you'd find in store, but limited-kind of-edition =D


A video of the experience is available to check on my Instagram @brigidalexandra, find highlights #1OsakaStories

The final step would be putting the cup into plastic bubble bag. I don't know how to call that. But it comes with a string you tie yourself so it could be a bag for you to bring the special cup noodle.

Overall, I found Cup Noodle Museum is an interesting place. Informative yet interactive, simple but perfect for all ages. They really think through to get various creative way to portray the history and progress on cup noodle which I found it quite nice.


Also, you'll spot my recently uber-cute characters I like to pet... Hiyoko-chan, the chick on every corner of the museum. You can have him in any merchandise available in souvenir shop. I want the apron... but I didn't get one =(


Plan to spare your time around 2-3 hours to visit (1 activity, going around + taking pictures + quick shop)

Strolling Around Ikeda

Even though it's located in housing district, some shop and restaurants are easily found. I spotted Ippudo! But I didn't go in. I had my lunch in a restaurant called Hanamura, looks like Kimukatsu as they serve you with sesame seeds to mash and then to mix with the sauce. Please note that it will close at 2PM for their lunch session.

After that, I ran across the street for a dessert! An ice-cream shop available for 30 sec walk from Hanamura. The shop it's located next to Information Center. They have some souvenirs too if you miss buying something from the museum. Of course, it's still related to Hiyoko-chan and cup noodle.

The ice-cream is vanilla flavor with a nice cone, with sweet caramel sauce and salty raw noodle! Can't tell you how I was amazed about how it tasted... total awesomeness! I never thought about how those ingredients could make such yummy flavor.

The best closure... *curtains down*

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