FEMLOGIC: Sport Isn't 'Laki', Dear ExtraJoss!

September 13, 2018

The full TV ad version found on YouTube

I saw an ad sticker during one of AsianGames matches when my family was watching badminton. It was said, sport is laki ' on the sticker. I was like, hmm... how could this kind of ad be approved to appear during such game events?

Cut to the point: Whoever made this... I just wanna say, you need a better copywriter. Or for exact, a non-sexist one. 

A few days ago, after seeing this and told it some colleagues at work, this TV-version AD was found on Youtube and it is even more sexist. But of course, yes,the creator can say that its meant focusing on men. Ok, whatever. 

But since you placed it on Asian Games match, well, helloooo... some of YOUR winners an female. Let aside the winners, there were female categories as well, which means... winning or not, they have prepared for it for months and put their best effort for the game!

And no, I don't think sport is 'laki'. Masculine. Or whatever your excuse and terms that you use.

Nothing or no one is completely 'laki' or 'feminine'. 

Sadly however, no one really speaks for this, thus this ad seems to be accepted by mass audience. I'm wondering whether the masculine perception on sport has been a dry slime on people's throat that no one really sees an issue here.

I received a comment regarding this post, saying that I don't need to exaggerate this as people are okay with this kind of ad. However, I refuse to stay silent. I don't mind to have people thinking that I'm blowing this out of proportion.

My consideration tells... this is so wrong. Even worse, it's played during Asian Games matches. I don't mind that people aren't disagree with this, but somebody needs to tell them that this is wrong. People might get used to see this kind of sexism, that they didn't notice until this far. This might be a small stuff that I sweat, yet it's worth to fight.

Small things might be small and unseen. Yet, it could grow bigger in a night to destroy you when you keep silent.

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