REVIEW: Soekarno Poenja Tjerita

May 20, 2017

If you enjoy reading the websites or even as simple and quick as tweets of @SejarahRI on Twitter, you might be happy reading this one. 

Been having this book as my bedtime stories lately. Put it on my desk beside my bed, sometimes I did sleep with it. Because I was overslept---many times. Because I have no nightstand. Well... many reasons. Most of all, I got only one hour before passing out to read the stories. It's just nice, though, to waking up beside a book while you got no boyfriend. However, one hour per day had been enough and wonderful for me to get this one finished really quick without needing to speed up.

So, this is a collection of shortstories in random timeline yet not able confuse me, though (Thank God! Coz I'm sucks with timeline). I can say, all of those story cuts were a bit scattered. That's why it is quite a page turner. 

Even though it's scattered, somehow, each cuts highlighted many details that might affect the whole story we didn't realize. But I won't tell you here as it would be spoiler. 

In the end, we realized that we have read history book with lots of joy and fast, unlike we did in school (with many same things and lie repeated, over and over). The point of this publication is to bring lots of funny and unique stories of Soekarno, in order to see him as a human being. And yes, they succeed to make us see the other side of such a big guy like Soekarno. He was indeed purely genuine one human being.

Oh, one little thing that surprised me: I saw photos of Soekarno riding a bike, but who knows he's really good at it. I mean, really freakin' great! It was said he could do freestyling? Hahaha... He was told as someone who can stop his bike without his feet touching the ground. Well, for someone like me who cannot ride a bike, I was like, 'Whoa...' 😂

The book depicted Indonesia pre-independence and post-independence better than in history books we have in school. (Sorry I have to bring it up again). The writers in the book surely leveraged the journalism writing style, right from collecting the facts, data, and how they developed it before turning into writing piece. I can tell you, its writing style is also enjoyable and as inspiring as the lead character they told, seems that they were so inspired and on fire when they wrote this story as if they did storytelling for us about it in person.

Yet, all of this story might be rumours. Or this might be true.

I think we have to appreciate @SejarahRI for doing this, especially for Soekarno---from their website, twitter stories and go down to this book. From the intentions, effort, and writing style that is simply beautiful without trying too hard.

And yes, we finally can tell people to see Soekarno's life ended as a designated tragedy, not natural cause---just how some other people in this country and many else in the world believe so.

Certainly, other than more detailed ones, you might catch various unexpected twist and different version of the stories. Well, one thing today's generation agreed with past generations is that we cannot afford living in lies, that we need to rewrite the history fairly.

By the way, they also have Indonesia Poenya Tjerita and published by the same publishers.

Title: Soekarno Poenya Tjerita

Author: @SejarahRI

Publications: 2016

Pages: 199 pages

Published by Bentang Pustaka

Language: Indonesian

Rate: 4

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