December 2017 Wishlist - Marituka Secret Santa BBI

December 13, 2016

Here comes the end of the year...

...where it's time for us to be nice (and naughty, too, it's okay) and make a wishlist for Secret Santa with BBI fellows.

It's sort of addictive to create the list, even though I'm piling up some goodies *peeking at my overloaded shelf* I remember this was quite tricky at my first Marituka (a kind of Secret Santa but not Christmas-y). Well anyway, as we would only get one book from the list, I'm thinking to re-create the wishlist, with the rest of book options from the previous Marituka.

Here you go! (with the new additions, of course)


Ok, dear my giver, How To Read A Person Like A Book can be found at Periplus. It might be available online, too. *wink*

The rest of the buddies are easily found at local bookstores, I guess. Ahh soo excited.

Good luck!


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