Marituka 2016

February 21, 2016

This is embarrassing. I have been Indonesian Book Bloggers member for years, but this is my first time joining in an event held by the group. Oh well, here you go! I'm telling you how excited I am to give and to receive books (and playing riddle in the middle) from this special-yet-casual event called Marituka Jabo.

The idea is that each member of the group will give someone else a book of her/his wishlist, and on the hand, another person in the group will send a book to him/her with a riddle to solve on who is the mystery giver. The book to be put on the wishlist should be 150k max... aaaanndd I hope I put the right books onto my marituka wishilist. It's funny, kinda hard for my long waited books to pop in my head. At last, I have to think of a cute way to send my target a memorable riddle of myself before I send out the book of my target.

So, here are some book picks for my mystery giver on my wishlist. I hope you don't have any trouble for my late wishlist and any difficulties in finding one of these. I think I have seen some copies sold less than 150k =P


For Eka Kurniawan's Pramoedya Ananta Toer dan Sastra Realisme Sosialis, I have to put the link where the pic belongs to. It's hard to find the official cover for common use.

I wish these are enough... Can't wait for the exchange to happen!

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  1. Did anyone gave you that Ojek in Paris book yet? I have one.

    You could have it if you want to. Accepting barter too for anything sounds like the Peanuts gang.

    1. We're still on process of sending the books to the target. I haven't got mine, so I don;t know yet which one my 'giver' will send me.

      Meanwhile we can always swap. Let me find something from Peanuts for you first.
      Can't wait to swap!