On Prostitutions, On Self-Value, On Our Own Reality

December 13, 2015

Speaking of... two (unimportant) girls were on media highlights last week. Why? Some say, they're celebrities even though I didn't know them, and secondly they are also prostitutes. Thirdly, is the most important, they were caught red handed by undercover police for prostituting themselves in an expensive hotel. 

Here's the thing that bugs me. Every prostitution case is on the rise, people will question on:1. The self-value of the girls who sell their bodies for sex.2. Even worse, the virginity... and how dirty such girls are.

Again, I will question only one thing. (1) Where are these kind of judgement for the guy who burn his money for prostitution?Yet, no matter what, there will 'supply' if there is 'demand'---the most righteous economy theory that won't ever fail, in my humble opinion.

Speaking of 'self-value', what makes us difference from those prostitutes?

(We) might put ourselves as slaves for our clients/employers despite how stingy they pay our intellectual works, compare to those girls who could easily stand up and say 'No' to any men who pay them sh*t. 

Regardless of sinful act---oh well, everyday we make one(s). So what? What's your problem with theirs? They don't have problems with yours.

Your self-value is gone, when you let someone throw a sh*t on you just because they pay. And no matter often you let them, you won't earn hundreds of millions like Nikita M and friends. Ironic, isn't it?

And where are theirs? They have theirs, maybe. Because it's their choice. They do because they want to.Yes, I definitely prefer to speak up for them rather than for those who yell out loud praying but only bullshit in fact. 

Oh, how judgmental me. We all do. So that's okay. 

Probably, it isn't just about knowledge that Eve took the apple in Eden. There's more.... 

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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