Blissful Sunday - (INFOGRAPHICS) International Literacy Day

September 12, 2015

It's never too late for something good!

Been busy for this week as I just finally started a new job and the film festival me and my friends have been doing for the past year has also begun at the same time. Wow, isn't it?

And yes, I would like to remind you who also missed the special day or you remember but probably don't know the what's going on the other side of the wall. It's International Literacy Day.

Do you ever imagine living without books? Without the ability to read? Grammarly shared an interesting fact to me into this amazing infographics.

We should be happy, I guess. Coz what? We can read! How world can be a different big thing with reading one awesome book?

So here are cool things you can do to celebrate International Literary Day (like I said, it's never too late, so don't just do it for celebrating this special day---DO IT ANYTIME YOU CAN):

  • Support Schools/Education Program
    • Schools in need... it's not always about money, poor building and facility condition. You can volunteer! 
    • In Indonesia, you can join programs like Kelas Inspirasi (Inspiration Class) where you can deliver stories of your amazing life and career so kids will get inspired to achieve more by dreaming bigger and higher, and of course, make it happen with education. There are also the fun Sahabat Anak and Indonesia Mengajar.
    • Grammarly helps me to support to one of these wonderful organizations. Maybe (internationally), you can donate and support them: Reading is Fundamental, ProLiteracy, and First Book.
  • Donate Books
    • You can drop books directly to orphanage or SOS Village in your area. Some schools or district libraries maybe options for you. Even better (and easier), you can find some social media accounts who are organizing book charity. The more book available and accessible, people have more courage to learn to read/start reading/simply, read more. 
    • I know people are trying to emphasizing their brands with CSR program and all that sweet things... but the good thing is you can have the opportunity if you don't know where. You can always check where the charity programs are going to deliver the books you donate. Find the appropriate books for the readers, whether they're all underage kids or do they need more textbook for school or dictionary or encyclopedia. Psst... make sure it isn't scam.
  • You can make an App/Campaign/anything
    • Whether it's an app to help people donate books, or crowdfunding in the internet to rebuild a library. Help by promoting issues like this... it's also a nice big thing! Limitless.
If you have any other idea, let me know in comment box of this blogpost. That would mean a lot =)

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