My First Periplus Delivery Order

May 26, 2015

Oh yes, I'm sooo going to put 'buying books online' as one on my lists for the upcoming Kinky Friday topics. Coz what? I just had my first online order on arrived safely to my office!

Can I be happier than this?

The goodie is on my desk!

I ordered Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green. They were having good deals on John Green's book. Thank God for subscribing---I'm Periplus member, by the way, so the emails are sent to me regularly. The price was cool and what's more... the package!

You can see the details on how the box, shaped and looked like a pizza box, covered my book. They glued the box very tightly, too. At first, not only that I confused how to opened it. I pushed the sides but nothing happened. Then, the only way I could figure it out was to pull out the fold, fighting with the glue trace. Like I said, it was tight and kinda difficult to open. Well, that way the book will be saved.

It is kinda unique to hold the book in place. So, there's another box inside that stick to the outer fold. Nice, isn't it? The book is safe and you can easily take it out. Plastic cover is also intact to the book.

Can you see the baby coming?

I guess, no reason not to buy book online. Now, I will not only visit the book store in building next to my office, but I'd also prefer to order online now. Awww! Super excited... this is just awesome. I feel like I got a special package when it arrived. As it's from myself, I would say... I was actually giving myself a reward.

You can be the member so you can get special price or latest deals through emails. They usually get good ones. That is why... the emails I got from them is the only one thing I have subscribed but never left unopened or directly deleted, then clicking 'unsubscribe'. I always check their weekly emails---those make happy.

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