Something about Postcards

April 18, 2015

Got these lovely postcards from Yuli and Val while they' were enjoying their freelance job in Bali Spirit Fest, Ubud. Jealous, huh? What else? I got these two after I decided to cancel my plan to travel to Ubud for visiting them. Once again, due to work and parental permission... well, traveling solo got to wait.

Ndah is currently traveling around Europe, too. She sends me postcards every city she drops by, sent to my office. Today, I got another one. So happy! The message is beautifully written, though it's brief to share how the city looks like. That's why I love from postcards! Maybe...

Through these plenty of postcards I received lately, I felt like 'communicating more'. Recently, I decided to try maintaining my communications with some friends, especially abroad. Through any way I can. Skype, Instagram, Facebook (yes, now I checked it a little... very little often), Twitter, Path and What's App or Line. I feel like losing myself for staying in a bubble for so long. I kept cutting people off---which has become my expertise lately.

But you know what... I'm always mesmerized with the idea of having pen-pals. Never meet them, but keeping in touch so frequent. Going to post office, put on the best stamp and send off a bunch of wishes. Well, I do have them. I kept on writing them, only I haven't done it for a year or two. In Jakarta, it's just kind of difficult to get to the closest post office. Oh well, third world country problem. Oh no, it's Jakarta. Oh whoops, it's my laziness of not able to conquer the city.

As for my friends here in Jakarta, I try to reach them and meet anytime possible lately these days. Traffic jam is what separates us here, but you can always find the perfect time to beat the shit out of your hang out plan. I also contacted some friends I've been ignoring for some time. I think I can try to forgive, try to bury the hatchet, try to move on. Guess, stranger... it's what I am born to be. Back there again at that point.

At least, I try what I can do. Best way possible.

So now I know why postcards or snail mail works perfectly for me. When distance makes me unseen, letters or postcards can reach me and I feel like my existence real without being exist. Hmm... now things get complicated, I'm getting sound weirder.

Write again soon.

... what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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