Pannacotta Lesson at LadyBake, Kemang

January 06, 2015

I believe we all need something new to try. It makes us alive.

My family can now officially laugh at me because I used to hate cooking or baking as I saw it as girl's stuff. And at the time, I didn't wanna do anything girly. I was such a tomboy. I still am. That's what makes me unique, though. Yet, I didn't lie when I said I loved watching cooking shows besides Doraemon or any other children's TV shows. Maybe, it's an inner calling I retrieved during high school years.

Let's Conquer the World with Food!
*Ignore the tissue paper XD*

I found peace and awesomeness in cooking and baking, besides the things I mainly do in my life, like writing and photography. Oh yes, also doing this blog...I feel awesome for every post I publish. Whenever I reached home, tired, I never feel that bored or shitty any longer when I'm able to touch my cooking utensils and start creating my meal.

I've been watching cooking channels on YouTube, read cooking books, recipe booklets on magazine...and that's why my Good Housekeeping Indonesia days were freaking great! There are many excellent recipes I can try at home, as well as other versions of GH from all over the world I could freely access to read when I was working there. But this time, I try baking class on my own. Not reporting. At LadyBake, Kemang!

Marie Antoinette touch. I want this for my kitchen!
Super hand drawing at LadyBake!

A friend of mine shared the cooking class ad on Path. It happens to be...this friend of mine is the aunt of the cooking teacher, a sweetly talented Putri. Psst...she's even one year younger than I am!

Last Saturday, we learned something light to make which was Matcha Pannacotta with Citrus Glaze. This was my first time using gelatin. So, a night before, I watched a YouTube video on Pannacotta making so I would not be the dumbest of all in the class. Ha!

My first time Pannacotta ready to strike the fridge!

It was quite easy, but as you might have known... cooking or baking has crucial steps you wouldn't want to skip or the magic just won't come true. The leaning process was fun and casual. We get to know more about baking, of course, like tips you won't find anywhere. We had talks on many things, well some of the participants knew each other already from previous classes and all. As the pannacotta needs to be in the fridge for few hours to set, we had lunch from some restaurants nearby while waiting, delivery order as it was very close. My mood was perfect and the weather was rainy, too.

That day was also my first time trying to use matcha powder. Never make anything green tea before but it turned out awesome. Will try make something else with green tea flavor soon. Another first was....lemon and lime zest. Now...(gosh, you can laugh at me that I just knew about it), I know how citrus fruit zests are for. Putri said, if you want it more fragrant without making it taste more sour of lemon and lime, just use the zest. There I go! Note that the white part of the skin tastes real bitter.

Proud student with her successful pannacotta. Yay!

Me and Putri =)
You don't need to bring anything for the cooking class, but the fee. Hehehe... Everything is provided. When the class finished, you can even bring the result home. Putri provided us with a pretty box. So, there I am, trying the last cup of my first pannacotta ever!

I will surely make another pannacotta! This one is very smooth and rich in texture. Next time, I'll try to make it more creamy with an improvement, such as putting a cherry on top!

Putri is the cooking teacher and the owner of LadyBake. She's a college student majoring Graphic Design. Her store sells excellent cookies, pastry and croissant. On Saturday, the store closes but it's available for cooking class. You'll love the place, not only for the food. Lots of artsy touch in there. It's just my fave!

Awesome place, awesome day, awesome people. I will definitely join the baking class again. If you're interested, you can check LadyBake's instagram @ladybakedesserts for more info.

Jalan Kemang Selatan VIII no. 64/b1
Precisely the opposite of Prima Freshmart.

Rain on my parade home ^^ Nice Saturday it was, folks!

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