We Got the Winner!

11:43 PM

The movie will be released in 2015, so we have to be prepared! *spank*

I have read the book about a year and a half ago, and I think... no matter how crazy (read: steamy) or silly the novel might be, at least, it gives something 'healthy' to our imagination, no? Ok, forget it!

For my first giveaway, the winner is.... Zelie! Congratz...

You can check my giveaway post for the automatic result. And, wanna know I pack the gifts? Read my previous post. It's wrapped and ready to be sent.

The winner is found through the score of entries they earned in Rafflecopter and the most relevant answers given. Hope I can see you again soon in my next giveaway within a few weeks from now.

Thank you for those you have participated. You are welcomed to join my next giveaway, by the way!

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