First Time at Books&Beyond Bookstore Jakarta

3:19 AM

On December, 1st, I went to public course at Salihara, near Pejaten. I got four class to go, one in each week. It started at 4pm, but I had to attend an event for REVLON in a mall called Pejaten Village. Before the REVLON show started, I walked around and saw the Times Bookstore has turned into Books & Beyond. I went back after class in Salihara. For my surprises, they sell books in lower prices, nice titles, along with my promotions due to Christmas and New Year.

...and I found my new 'home'!

  • At the time, these great books are on sale for 20% off.
  • When I paid at the cashier, they asked me whether I have member card. I didn't have but asked them about the whole procedures. They had cool offer: (a) 1-year membership application fee for Rp 100k; and (b) 2-year membership for Rp 150k. BUT, during Christmas, they offered half price for 2-year membership. So, it's only 75k for 2-year, even cheaper than the 1-year programme. So that's funtastic! The privileges for the membership, including the Terms and Conditions can be read in detail here.
  • So, as for welcoming me as their new member, they give me their catalog. Nicely designed, filled with good books info! What's even better? They have another 20% gift certificate and a quiz where you can have the chance to win 50k gift certificate!
  • They also gave me a special card of 20% discount. I'm soo drowning in new books!
  • Woohoo! Another treat: yearly agenda! Also well designed, their theme of orange and black. Anything about literary-related. 
  • Guess what? In the agenda, they gave us another discounts. Ok, they try to 'kill' my wallet by keep on shopping there. The promotion cards inside lasts until the Dec 2013. Thankfully!

Ok, enough about the last month's promotion that kept me buying new books. Anyway, I never into getting membership cards and all. But for bookstores, I think I should make an exception. Well, maybe...and hopefully, I can have better information on good books newly arrived in Jakarta, sold in less price. 

The bookstores are still located at the same places they have been before. Such as in Plaza Semanggi, Pacific Place, Pejaten Village, UPH, and Siloam Hospitals (well, it's obvious why, the bookstore chain is belonged to LippoGroup). For now, some stores still use the brand Times, just like in Pacific Place. 

Before they are known as the more-expensive bookstore, just as I said before, they're competing with similar price, yet nicer I can say. I'm happy! Their store concept is still dominated in orange and black as you can see from the merchandise. Nothing much to say about differences on their post-re-branding store concept. And psst, they change their plastic bag, too. Nice? Yeah... But the previous one wasn't bad either. You can still get it when you shop at the store which use the brand 'Times'.

For the year end, they also held a special programme. Lucky-draw, you name it! By purchase of 200k, more and its multiply, you can have a token with your bio and gift of your choice. I remember there was an iPod Shuffle, iPad and etc to choose. 

Sooo, hopefully this post can give you an option where else to go to buy books.

I came back and bought it! Finally!

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