Technical Problems on Submitting Comments

9:04 PM


I just knew that many visitors couldn't leave any comments. I'm really sorry for that. I didn't know at first, though I found something suspicious that many visitors came lately, and most of them with fit keyword search to my blog post but no feedback for my review. I thought that was weird. But seriously, this kind of problem has been happening without me notice it.

Well, if you wanna leave any comments, you can do that through my chatbox or email me And if you find something less or missing, you can tell me!

Thank you!

And sorry once again for such problems and for being missing. I have been taking TOEFL test and more assignments at school, and also, I'm applying a US Scholarship. I got so many things to do, people to make appointment with, and places to go.


Reith Jerevinan
-Blog Authors-

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