Review: Release Me by Julie Kenner

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Once you have Fifty Shades trilogy, Bared to You, and now this. Yes, this one is also coming up with trilogy issues. Release Me, Claim Me and the last one... Complete Me. Let's start with Release Me.

Ok, as you might have guessed, of course. The story follows a very dedicated career woman, Nikki Fairchild, and her indulging yet passionate love story with, apparently, a very successful-handsome-charming-plus-control-addict businessman, Damien Stark. Well, forget what you've read before, and now, focus! this time, our mind and contentment in reading belongs to Mr. Stark.

At first, the lovely couple (yep, they will hook up in the end and you already know it, don't you?) meet up when Nikki is actually sent by her boss to become his 'bridge' to the one and only Damien. In the purpose of getting partnership, Nikki fails to accomplish the mission and gets fired soon enough. But the two don't end up yet.

In fact, they settle an agreement. Damien will pay her $1,000,000,- after she finishes her task, which is to become his model of a portrait. Guaranteeing her secretion, the girl says yes. Somehow, while the portrait is still under process, Nikki and Damien develop intimacy and love story that lead them to realize of what they might have and enjoy is probably caused of their both troubled pasts.

Just like other harlequin stories, the two main characters are led to find each other by giving themselves a chance to live a life.

This novel might remind you of something, but...

It is obvious, there's nothing new with those characters in Release Me. Controlling male character meets a clueless yet smart-ass female one might make it seemed like it. Just like reading a harlequin, you'll know who is going to be with who. As in erotica novels, you might find the same thing, somehow something in the way to the end that brings you to read. It seems the lack of intimacy between the two, and the surprises has blurred the expectation. The chemistry is surely dry, boring.

Moreover, love story between rich and rags will also remind you the same. Too much fairy tale syndrome. Although the story is nicely written in fine language style and plot, something is definitely missing. The twists are easy to guess. Sorry. This one is a plain jane erotica novel of I have read so far. The confusion in turning the novels from another erotica to chicklit one mashes up, which doesn't come out great in this one.

Title: Release Me
Author: J. Kenner
Publisher: Headline
Year: 2012
Pages: 270
Language: English
Rate: 2.5

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