Review: Aku Jalak Bukan Jablay by Miranty Dewi

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Title: Aku Jalak Bukan Jablay
Author: Aira Miranty Dewi
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Year: 2012
Pages: 270
Language: Indonesian
Rate: 4

Miranty Dewi once failed to pass a level in high school, later on in her freshman in university, she ended up getting married and had her first baby. And yes, today, through the book, she admits in her book if she's one spoiled princess and enjoys her days to the fullest. Until the first marriage fairy tale turns her life upside down, dragging her beautiful and secured life to complicated reality...this time, only because of her 'widow' status. Despite all of her history, Miranty is now a living proof of independent single parent with two kids and holding a success story of her high achievement in career.

Her story initialed by the husband's affair. Miranty soon realizes that she needs to stand up and create her future herself, including raising her son alone, filing for divorce and starting to move on at the same time. She finally manages to make the best of her career, without any promising education degree obtained. Yes, surprisingly! Slowly but sure, she hops and hops to higher position and survives as the bread winner, both for her kids and her own luxurious life style. 

Yet, the situation isn't just going smoothly, of course. Being a widow in Eastern culture puts her as a target for odd jealousy, dumb hatred and even harassment without trying to see, exactly like what the author said, 'the efforts of the widows to exalt their dignities'. Strangely, through her lively personality and extravagant image, many people think if she is probably somebody's mistress or sleeping around with random rich sugardaddies without caring to know the truth, or at least, leave the rest as none of their concern. 

As for love stories after divorce, it isn't so difficult for this well-known financial product sales officer to have new ones, though. But wait! That doesn't make it any easier for everything. She marries for the second time, and then again, files for divorce as the same reason repeats in her marriage history.

The book opens up the reality of one person, which for a glimpse, you will see if the writer of this biography would like to drag sympathies by self-pitying. Well, stop there! This biography does have a cause: Changing the old perception of a divorcee, or about being single. When the world is much harder to women, the author faces it and shares a view to make us question why. The book is like 'hey!', knocking on our brain while we're reading it, bringing a friendly and funny welcome to change our old point of view with the fresh-yet-blunt jokes of a Miranty Dewi's typical.

But Miranty is no longer naive and clueless. Certainly, she knows well what would come to her door with this kind of coverage she creates through the book. By showing off the crazy lifestyle, hardships, and all, actually we got one bigger picture: a woman can get through ups and downs with or without a man besides her, plus, while having two kids tagged along. No word of feminism spoken, it's kind of empowering in a way, I can say. 

About broken heart and the way to continue facing the fate with smile and laughter, in a different way she never thinks of before, are the wake-up calls for now the new-coming singer which shapes the way she is today. The once spoiled daddy's girl has now turns herself into a fighter. Living positively and pioneering the new bold image of a widow, a single woman. 

I recommended this book for 'princess girl' type who most likely would have hard times in facing their 'fairy tale love story difficulties' and problems on getting real. Ha!

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